Mouthguards Accidents are inherently unpredictable … and therefore uncontrollable. Over the years we have treated many sports-related injuries that could have been prevented. After all, the mouth needs to be protected for all sports, not just full contact ones.

Fortunately, minimizing the damage is something you can control — and quite easily, too. We have several styles of mouth guards that can be customized with colors and chin straps. Our guards are less bulky and are custom fit to keep them from slipping. They also allow you to breathe more easily and perform better. Plus, we make a heavy-duty version with a solid inner core for heavy-impact sports — vital for reducing the risk of concussion and joint damage, as well as tooth breakage.

Both children and adults deserve this protection. Don’t be one of those who overlooks this important protection. Let us help.

Mouthguards – Fact Sheet

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