We Use The Latest Technology

To complement our caring and well trained staff, we utilize the latest in technology to bring you the best care possible. We use only the most highly rated materials in our office and the dental laboratories that we partner with only work with components made in the USA.

For our crowns we use the strongest materials possible, which are not the same as the lesser quality materials used with one day crown systems or in less expensive laboratories.

As a cosmetic practice, we pride ourselves in creating perfect smiles for patients. Computerized color matching helps to duplicate the shade of your teeth or can help us to choose a brighter one.

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Digital X-ray Sensors

digital X-Rays ashland

Digital imaging has replaced the old-fashioned x-rays that’s most of us grew up with. This new imaging allows us to see much more detail and diagnose more accurately. All of this can be accomplished with up to 90% less radiation exposure than before. Along with the digital imaging we use intraoral cameras to be able to diagnose cracks, disease, and educate. This is one way that we communicate with our patients to make sure they understand exactly what is happening and how we can help them resolve any problems.

Digital 3D Scanning

3d dental scanner

Digital 3D scanning is the most accurate way models of your mouth without the mess of older impression techniques. This is accomplished with modern 3D printing and modeling allowing you to have crowns, partial dentures, night guards and other work completed without having cumbersome trays placed in your mouth.

3D X-ray Imaging

3d digital imaging

3D digital x-ray Imaging gives us information from a wider area in more detail than ever before. Precision implant placement is possible giving you the safest, most accurate care. We are also able to diagnose problems with wisdom teeth, TMJ, sinus and screen for oral cancer. These images are needed for patients considering braces or third molar extractions as well as implants placement and sinus augmentation. Having the whole mouth in focus allows for more thorough care for our patients

Laser Dentistry

waterlase ashland

Laser Dentistry is one of the most amazing developments to come along. Using the energy of light instead of a drill, we can remove decay and treat gums often without Novocaine injections. Aesthetic sculpting of gums is possible as well with laser dentistry. We have two completely separate laser systems to meet almost any need.

Intraoral Camera

interoral camera ashland

The intraoral camera places a clear image of your tooth onto a monitor enabling us to more tools to help us diagnose problems. When an area is magnified, we can precisely identify cracks in your fillings or teeth that may not be detected by the usual means of examination. We can also follow recession or evaluation your progress over time with images. This allows for good diagnostic information and clear communication for us to discuss options with you.

Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection

diagodent ashland

Most patients would rather have a dentist that can treat problems early. Half of the cavities found in your teeth could go undetected by less modern diagnostic techniques. Our office offers technology that can more accurately diagnose cavities in teeth. Laser cavity detection can find even the smallest cavities that might not appear on X-rays. Early detection enables us to better preserve and protect your teeth. We can make you experience even better through early treatment and avoiding more complicated and expensive treatment later on.